Triggers from Domestic Abuse and PTSD

It took me a long time to acknowledge and accept this. I didn’t want to acknowledge that I had a broken mind because that would mean that I was crazy! But once I understood that my uncontrollable feelings and reactions were a result of the impact of the abuse had on me, I was able to relax and learn how to handle my PTSD symptoms and know that I wasn’t crazy!


Trauma never really goes away. It is a part of us that we have to live with every day. How that trauma affects us, depends on the person and the level of healing you we are currently at.

Domestic abuse trauma is severe and can impact our lives negatively for a very long time. The attack on our self-esteem by our abuser was deliberate and insidious. Our abuser attempted to control our thoughts and behaviors by making us feel inadequate and ashamed.

The feelings of guilt, shame and worthlessness are carried with us, until we are able to acknowledge that we were truly traumatized and accept the fact that we sustained psychological injury from the abuse.

Once we can accept that we were not at fault,  and did nothing to deserve to be abused, then we can begin to grow and learn how to cope with the mental  injuries.


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Resources Page

My Resources page is now complete. Please leave comments or feedback on what you think of it and if there is anything else I need to add.

More to come!

Hello Readers,

Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog.

Just started blogging a few days ago, so I am still a newbie.  However, I am learning as I go along and hope to make this into an informative and helpful site.

I know from my own experience how important it is to have a plan before leaving an abusive relationship.  Not only a safety plan for leaving but a plan for what you are going to do in the days following leaving, especially if you have children.   Therefore, I will be adding information and a list of services available in Canada, particularly in the Toronto area to help you with this.

I plan to make this into “one stop” site providing information on all services and resources available to victims in Canada that I can find.  I will try to research all services before posting them so I can find out as much information as I can and be certain that the help they say is available is actually available.

Thank you again.  Please keep coming back!

Who is Left ?

It is so difficult to let your family know what you are experiencing. you want the to hold you close but that is the very time that the people you need in your life move farther away from you.

Annie's Poetry

Who is left to hold us when the nights get dark

After we have watched them walk away one by one?

Thoughts of utter terror filling our hearts

Vulnerable and frozen from fear

Who is left to listen to our racing thoughts

After we have heard them all hang up,

one by one?

Because no one wants to be close to you now

When your life is ruled by fear 

and your mind is so tormented by trauma

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A Child is Born

“Another little child was born in the ghetto…. [her] mama cried. People understand…if there is one thing she don’t need is another hungry mouth to feed”. [Excerpt from In the Ghetto by Elvis Presley]

Anger rumbles in my belly!

A smoldering, all consuming fire!

Intermittent flames, leaping, jumping, red hot and yellow!

Climbing into my chest and burning my throat!

Fire burning, seeking escape!

Licking at my tongue and filling my mouth!

This mouth, my mouth with a smile, oh so serene!

Belying the pain of the fire that lies within!

A fire that tells of a life once lived and memories unspoken

Occupying my mind and dreams in a nightmarish haze

Giving rise to hungry, angry, scorching flames that threaten

to put an end to a smile, oh so serene!